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This community is a fun, upbeat space for our members to get involved, share ideas and enjoy more of what they love.

As a community member, you will be invited to connect with other members on subjects as diverse as, well...you tell us. Must-see telly, political debate, food, real-life stories and a unique chance to help to shape what’s goes in your favourite news brand. There will be polls, surveys and discussion rooms PLUS special members-only perks.


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This community is a fun, upbeat space for our readers to share ideas, comment on articles and let our editorial team know what you think about the stories we’re publishing.

As a member you’ll have access to loads of special member-only perks. From prize draws to exclusive promotions we love rewarding our loyal readers for sharing their opinions with us.
Anyone aged 16 or over is welcome to join our community. To be eligible to take part in the prize draws you will need to reside in the UK.
Every day we post new discussion topics or polls for our members to share their opinions on based on that day’s major talking points.

From must-see telly, political debate, food and real-life stories you can comment on the stories that matter to you and shape the way we cover the news.

Plus you’ll be able to enter frequent prize draws for the chance to win anything from shopping vouchers, cinema tips, free days out and or a night on the town.
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